Wed 02:10P-04:00 PM
Room 327 Mudd
TA: Chris Riederer   Office: 618 CEPSR

Privacy and Online Social Networks (OSN) will be a graduate-level course focusing on privacy issues and OSNs. You will learn about origins of the privacy problem, the various entities involved, technology used to track users and to prevent tracking, and the specific manners of privacy leakages. Highly interested undergraduates are welcome to convince me and I'd be happy to have you register.

The course is not about the role of government, legal or policy issues.

Students will be expected to read papers, write code, and present. You are free to code in any language on any OS etc. Please note that I will not be able to help you with any aspects of coding.

No specific prerequisites are needed. For additional details click on the syllabus link. If you do not plan to attend classes regularly, this course is not for you.

There will be no exams. However there will be homeworks, a course coding project, and a submission-quality paper that would be required.

I am an adjunct lecturer teaching at Columbia for the first time although I have given talks in thirty five countries.

I am not on any OSN and do not have a home page but many of my papers are here