I finally graduated and joined IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, located in Westchester County, New York (not far from Columbia!) I am still working in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization, and 3D Computer Graphics. And you are welcome to get a copy of my thesis (postscript).

I am one of Professor Steve Feiner 's students working in Computer Graphics and User Interface Laboratory of Computer Science Department at Columbia University. My doctoral research focuses on developing comprehensive and systematic approaches for building interactive intelligent 3D multimedia user interfaces. These next-generation interfaces are capable of presenting heterogenous information effectively in a timely, customized manner. To demonstrate my research results, I have also designed and implemented a system called IMPROVISE, which can automatically generate visual presentations in different application domains (e.g., computer network management application and health care application). The current system is developed using C++, SGI Open Inventor, and NASA CLIPS.

If you have heard about the famous "mountain city" or "fog city" of China, you must have heard about Chongqing... Now you could guess where I am from--Chong Qing, Sichuan, China. If you want to take a vacation there, I would be very happy to give you more information.

My favorite machine is monet--an IRIS. I also like snowwhite, which is a very plain xterminal sitting on my desk, but it helps me write all my papers and thesis. I certainly cannot forget okeeffe and stieglitz, which served me during my first year here.

Cook--Chinese food in Sichuan style only.
Travel--all kinds of places.
Collecte Stamps--if you want to exchange,please let me know.
Collecte Postcards--if you are interested in, please come to see all the postcards I have.
Shopping--Oh, I love shopping! Ofcourse, most of time is just window shopping.
Indoor Gardening--Yeah, I love to have many plants in my apt, and I do have many...

Gee, I forgot to mention that before I came to Columbia Univeristy , I got my M.S. from Michigan State Univeristy, and I got my B.S. from Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Oh, I also spent one semester at Lousiana State University

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