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North America


Medical Aides

Clinical Decision Making--MIT
Intelligent Medical Information System--ODU
Knowledge-Based Multimedia Distributed Database System--UCLA.

Software Pool

OpenInventor--Object-Oriented 3D Graphics Toolkit
CLIPS--C Language Intergrated Production System.
DPOCL--A Hierarchical Planner
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Forum

Web Index

World-Wide Web Servers--Summary for All Web Servers.


Template Graphics--Software Company for Portable OpenGL and OpenInventor
Portable Graphics Inc--Software Company for Portable OpenGL and OpenInventor

Service Stations

IRS--Where To Get Help With Your Taxes.
IRS--Where To File.
United States Postal Service--Where To Get Postage Information.

Useful Junk

Fashion Page--Find the Trend!
TKO Personnel Inc. --Find Job Opporitunities In Asia!
Earth Data

Cool Gallery

Icon Browser--Find Any Icon You Want!
Majestic Landscapes--Kodak Collections
3D Web--Find Cool Pictures Here!