COMS E6998-2:  Advanced Cryptography

Spring 2004

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Due Dates


The proposal should include the area that you want to investigate, the papers that you plan to read to that end, and your goals for the project. At this stage your goals may be vague and broad, though if you have very specific goals in mind, please include them in the proposal.

The scope (e.g how many papers have been published in the area to date, how many papers you need to read and understand for your project, and in what depth) may vary considerably, though we will try to guide students towards comparable amounts of work to complete the project.

In the second stage you will have to specify your goals much more clearly, typically in the form of a specific research problem you wish to resolve. Outline your planned approach towards satisfying these goals based on the progress you have made by studying the area. Your final project will have to be in-depth research into a well-defined problem (suggesting the problem and making it well defined is part of your job, though you're allowed and encouraged to discuss your ideas with the instructor).

Please notify us of your general area of choice as soon as you can. Several of the suggestions below can support more than one group (working on different subareas), but if several groups consider projects that overlap too much, the first group to request it will get priority.

For all the areas below, contact us for pointers to the important/latest papers in the area.

Project Suggestions (in no particular order:)

Topics that were already chosen (but may possibly be chosen by another group in consultation with instructor)