Hi. I'm Pablo Barrio.

And this is my personal website, where you find what I am up to.

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Something about me...

Since September 2009 I have been a Ph.D. student at Columbia University in the Computer Science Department, working with Professor Luis Gravano, and an active member of the database group. My research covers different aspects of information extraction from natural language text, focusing on efficiency and scalability. I got my undergraduate degree in Software Engineering at Universidad del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNICEN), in Argentina.

As a good Argentine, I am a big fan of fútbol (or, alternatively, soccer). My favorite team is San Lorenzo de Almagro (CASLA), the Pope's team!.  

Here’s some stuff I've worked on recently.

You can see them in a more traditional way on DBLP or Google Scholar

Ranking Deep Web Text Collections for Scalable Information Extraction

Pablo Barrio, Luis Gravano, Chris Develder. [To appear in CIKM 2015]

Predicting the Impact of Scientific Concepts using Full Text Features

Kathleen McKeown, et al. [To appear in JASIST]

Here's some other stuff I've done (or I am doing).

I like to keep myself busy

Sampling Strategies for Information Extraction Over the Deep Web

Pablo Barrio, Luis Gravano. [In progress]

A Crowdsourced System to Improve the Communication of Numerical Information

Pablo Barrio, Jake Hofman, Dan Goldstein. [Under submission]

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