Pablo Javier Barrio @ CSCU


Let me introduce myself

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My name is Pablo Javier Barrio. I am from Olavarrķa, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I got my undergraduate degree in Software Engineering at Universidad del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNICEN), Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 4th 2009. Since September 1st 2009, I have been a PhD student at Columbia University in the Computer Science Department. My advisor is Professor Luis Gravano. I am a member of the DataBase Group @ Columbia University. My main research interests are: Searching over Hidden Databases, and answering Top-K queries.  My 


More about me

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My hobbies are: Playing soccer, running, going to the gym (just going), playing the piano, listening to music, eating, cooking, and having fun. My favourite team in my country is San Lorenzo de Almagro, the Pope's team!.