Candidacy Exam Papers


Number to date: 5

ID:  ai
Name:  Artificial Intelligence Planners
Description:  Related papers in AI to the planning in generation issue
Comment:  (expected 3, maximum 5)
Total Papers:  2.5
Papers:  dpocl injuries(50%) planningargumentative(25%) nag(75%)

ID:  multimedia
Name:  Multimedia
Description:  Content Planning for Multimedia Applications
Comment:  Includes: dialog, layout, hyperlinked structure (expected 5, maximum 7)
Total Papers:  2.75
Papers:  rhetoricaldialog(50%) hypertextdialogue layoutrstcl(50%) coherentvisual(75%)

ID:  planning
Name:  Content Planning
Description:  General Content Planning
Comment:  includes schemata-based content planning (expected 10)
Total Papers:  13.75
Papers:  bottomup(75%) centering edp knowledgeselection constraintsatisfaction stochasticsearch multilingualplanning rulesselection domaindependent cognitive sdrt edpo(50%) injuries(50%) planningargumentative(75%) ooplanning nag(25%)

ID:  planning-arch
Name:  Content Planning: NLG Architecture
Description:  Subsection of papers relating content planning to general natural language generation architectural issues
Comment:  (expected 2)
Total Papers:  1
Paper:  reinterpretationarch

ID:  rst
Name:  RST
Description:  Rhetorical Structure Theory and its implications in NLG
Comment:  (expected 10, at most 12)
Total Papers:  10
Papers:  bottomup(25%) incompatiblerst problemrst rhetoricaldialog(50%) rhetoricalstructures rsttheory2 setrst planningadvisory layoutrstcl(50%) edpo(50%) coherentvisual(25%) instructional parsimonious



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