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Below are a few resources which graduate students may find helpful. These resources provide information about working with your advisor, choosing a research topic, publishing your research, getting an academic job, current career opportunities, academic salaries, and much more.

Graduate School Survival Guide
Graduate Student Survival Kit
How to Have a Bad Career in Academia, talk by Dave Patterson
Tomorrow's Professor Listserv
Collected Advice on Research and Writing
Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence
NRC Rankings of CS PhD Programs
US News 2002 Rankings of CS PhD Programs
US News 1999 Rankings of CS PhD Programs
Gerhard Casper's Criticism of College Rankings
Things I Wish I Learned in Engineering School
Parables for Modern Academia
Academic Careers for Experimental Computer Scientists
You and Your Research, talk by Richard Hamming
Useful Things to Know about PhD Thesis Research, by H. T. Kung
Columbia University Calendar
Columbia University Events
Columbia Policy on Academic Honesty
Columbia Computer Science PhD Program
Registration Info for Columbia PhD Students
Columbia Computer Science TA Information
Strunk and White's Elements of Style
Checklist for Articles
How Not to Write a Paper
How to Write a Good System Paper
Mathematical Writing
Tips and Tools to Improve Your Writing
Writing Up Your Final Project
Views and Feelings: A Word of Encouragement
Publication Strategies
The Chronicle of Higher Education
How to Get a Job, talk by Mary Baker
The Great Job Search, talk by Margo Seltzer
Landing an Academic Job
John Chapin's Job Search Resources
Dragomir's Job Resources
ACM Job Listings
IEEE Computer Job Listings
CRA Job Announcements
CRA Taulbee Survey
Patterson's Rules for New CS Professors
Tips for a Massive Academic Job Search
Steve Lumetta's Academic Job Resource Page
Is work hell? Life in industrial research
Networking on the Network