COMS E6998-3: Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing (Spring 2011)




Problem sets

First deadline for the project: You should send a 1 page project proposal to Vinod by 5pm, Friday February 11th.

The choice of project is up to you, but it should be clearly related to the course material.

Example projects:

    Design and implementation of a machine-learning model for some NLP task; the write-up would describe the technical details of the model, as well as experimentation with the model on some dataset.

    Implementation of an approach (or approaches) described in one or more papers in the research literature.

    Purely "theoretical" projects (no experimentation) may also be possible, although these projects will be less common.

Group projects are allowed (up to a maximum of 3 people)

We'll expect a 6 page write-up for 1 person projects, 8 pages for 2 person projects, 10 pages for 3 people.