Meeting of April 16, 1997

Attendees: J. Ginsburg, A. Giral, J. Hoover, J. Klavans, C. Mandel, D. Millman, P. Moholt, S. Murray, J. Rosedale, M. Summerfield

The meeting covered three key topics:

The project to inform the Columbia community, particularly faculty members, about relevant Intellectual Property concerns, Electronic Reserves and policy, and the Columbia effort at putting materials online -- CC Reader.

1. The meeting began with a discussion of plans for faculty education about their rights and responsibilities with regard to Intellectual Property, especially copyrighted materials and their use in the electronic media. We decided that our first efforts will be aimed at the creator angle as this is more likely to attract interest.

A faculty seminar on this issue will be planned for Fall 1997. Issues will include terms to seek in contracts with publishers, an author's rights to republish his material, and community interest. Action Items: J. Klavans, J. Hoover and M. Summerfield will work on determining speakers, timing, publicity and the like over the summer.

2. Jeff Rosedale continued his report on electronic reserves with information on the pilot program at Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). CCC reports that it has had about 100 requests from 20 sites. Response is taking about one month on average. Pricing is similar to that for course packs and typically includes a per student charge.

This is a pilot project which assumes no fair use right for electronic reserves. Is this a position Columbia wants to endorse or should Columbia undertake a fair use premised e-reserves project? Action Items: Social Work has indicated interest in e-reserves; Jeff will continue to explore that possibility with Social Work faculty. He will also talk with the Law School about its experience in putting exams on the Web.

3. Jane Ginsburg described Hypatia, the concept for a Web depository for scholarly papers, and distributed her paper on it that was to be presented at the conference sponsored by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation later in April. Interesting issues surrounding this self-publishing include potential impact on tenure and retaining credit for one's ideas.

4. Mary Summerfield and Carol Mandel updated the group on the pilot project for getting permissions to put items from the CC Reader on the Web. There was an initial flurry of positive responses but follow-up letters or phone calls seem necessary for most of the publishers. Action Items: The Online Books Evaluation Project team will pursue this effort.

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