Intellectual Property Committee Activities

I. Major Issues Discussed 1995-1996

A. Creation and Ownership of Intellectual Property in a University Community

  1. Individual vs. University: Participation in creation and ownership of copyright or patent
  2. Access by members of university community
  3. Traditional written materials vs. software
  4. Protection of Intellectual Property - What is and should be the university role in supporting community members in managing their Intellectual Property?

B. Use of Intellectual Property owned by others

  1. Fair Use in traditional and new media
  2. Obtaining permission to use copyrighted materials
  3. Cost of rights
  4. Digital materials in the library
  5. Classroom use - What is permitted/restricted in the classroom?
  6. New electronic course materials - What is permitted/restricted in the course materials?
  7. Research - Fair Use or Not - What counts as "reasonable" for fair use?
  8. Publications - new Intellectual Property guidelines
  9. University responsibility for content of material on its servers

II. Visitors

III. Events 1996-97


Workshop on Technology of Terms and Conditions - September 24-26, 1996

  1. Goal - A shared language for usage rights
  2. Issues - security, authentication, use
  3. NSF-funded
  4. Interdisciplinary Workshop
  5. Brief report in October issue of D-Lib magazine

B. Attorney Barbara Hoffman - Fair Use Debate and Electronic Images, Issues for Artists - September 18, 1996

IV. Activities for 1996-1997

  1. Major Topics Discussed
  2. Minutes of the Meetings

V. Related Links

VI. Members

The role of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Center for Research on Information Access, directed by Judith L. Klavans is to bring together related projects at Columbia, and to develop a strategy to manage the difficult questions, both theoretical and practical, arising from digital data distribution. The Intellectual Property committee is chaired by James Hoover, Professor of Law and Law Librarian at Columbia University, and staffed by Mary Summerfield, Coordinator for the Online Books Project.

Members are:
Beryl Abrams, Associate General Counsel
Bradford Garton, Associate Professor of Music
Jane Ginsburg, Janklow Professor of Literature and Art Property Law
Angela Giral, Director of Avery Library
James Hoover, Professor of Law Studies
Raphael Kasper, Associate Vice Provost
Judith Klavans, Director, Center for Research on Information Access
Carol Mandel, Deputy University Librarian
Robert McClintock, Director, Institute for Learning Technologies, and Professor, Teachers College
Stephen Messer, Assistant Director, CITI, Columbia Business School
David Millman, Manager of Research & Development, Academic Information Systems
Pat Molholt, Assistant Vice President of Health Sciences
Stephen Murray, Professor of Art History & Archaeology
Elaine Sloan, Vice President, Information Services and University Librarian
Mary Summerfield, Coordinator for the Online Books Project
Kim Taipale, Director, Office of New Media Development, Columbia Innovation Enterprises

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