There will be no extensions for projects. Hand in what you have on the due date.

An electronic newsgroup will be set up for all course-related announcements. Check there regularly for any course related announcements. Questions or comments of a general nature that would be of interest to the whole class should be posted there. The instructor and the TA will be reading the newsgroup regularly.

The web site for the course is at http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~kar/4444f13. The TA will be taking notes of our discussions during class, and those notes will be posted on the TA page. Links to other relevant resources will be put on the web page or on courseworks.

You can use any computing platforms you want as long as your programs conform to the interface specifications described within each project. You will probably need CS accounts for this class.

The number of times that a single student may contribute during one class is limited to three, in order to allow for as many participants as possible.

Ken Ross 2013-09-17