Homework Assignments

Homework assignments and solutions can be found on courseworks. The homework will be placed there on the date indicated in the table below.

No. Topics Out Due
1 Entity-Relationship Modeling, relational algebra 1/29 2/12
2 SQL, security 2/19 3/4
3 Object-relational DBs, Storage and Indexing, Query processing and optimization 4/6 4/20
4 Transactions, Normalization 4/20 5/4

Homework is due at 11:59pm on the date listed above. It should be submitted electronically via the drop-box in courseworks. Hand-written homeworks should be scanned and submitted as pdfs.

Late homework submissions will be penalized 25 percent of the grade per day (or partial day) late. Homework will not be accepted once solutions are distributed.

Ken Ross 2020-04-13