There will be one four-part project during the semester in which you will create a database for a domain of your choosing.

Part Topics Due
1a Find a teammate 1/29 at 6pm
1b Design meeting 2/3-2/7
1c Entity-Relationship design 2/19 at 5pm
2 Table design and data creation 3/9 at 1pm
3 Web interface or extended schema design 4/13
4 Object-oriented features 4/27

You will do the projects in teams of two students. Both students in a team will receive the same grade. Team partners are expected to fully collaborate with each other on solving the project. However, communication about project details with somebody other than your partner is not permitted, and is considered cheating.

Late project submissions will be penalized 25 percent of the grade per day (or partial day) late.

Project details are provided on courseworks.

Ken Ross 2020-04-13