Reliable Software: Junfeng Yang

E6121 Reliable Software

Spring 2017 -- Junfeng Yang

We put a tentative syllabus here to give you an idea what future may bring. This syllabus is subject to change as the course progresses.

# Day Date Topic Assignment Speakers
1 Tue Jan 17 Introduction Form reading group
2 Tue Jan 24 Program instrumentation Read Detours, Pin, skim LD_PRELOAD trick
3 Tue Jan 31 Dynamic analysis Read Valgrind memory checker, Baggy bounds checking
4 Tue Feb 7 Model checking Read Chess, DPOR Xinhao Yuan
5 Tue Feb 14 Static and symbolic analysis Read Meta Compilation, EXE, skim Coverity, LLVM tutorial and LLVM
6 Tue Feb 21 Verification Read Verdi, IronFleet Xinhao Yuan
7 Tue Feb 28 Debugging, recovery Read Delta Debugging, Rx
8 Tue Mar 7 Concurrency Read Hybrid race detection, Parrot
9 Tue Mar 14 No class (Spring recess)
10 Tue Mar 21 Distributed systems Read Magpie, Modist
11 Tue Mar 28 Fuzz testing Read NEZHA, angr Theofilos Petsios
12 Tue Apr 4 Mobile Read AppInsight, AppDoctor
13 Tue Apr 11 Machine learning Read Adversarial ML, Unlearning
14 Tue Apr 18 ROP attacks and defenses Read JIT ROP, Shuffler David Williams-King
15 Tue Apr 25 Mini-research conference Present and demo your final project