E6121 Reliable Software

Fall 2012 -- Junfeng Yang

# Date Topic Assignment Speakers
1 9/10 Introduction Form reading group
2 9/17 Static analysis Read Meta Compilation, KInt, skim Coverity, LLVM tutorial and LLVM
3 9/24 Dynamic analysis Read Pin, Valgrind memory checker, skim LD_PRELOAD trick and Detours
4 10/1 More analysis Read EXE, Baggy bounds checking
5 10/8 Hack day! Work on your programming lab
6 10/15 Debugging, Recovery, Auditing Read Delta Debugging, Rx, Patch-based auditing
7 10/22 Web Skim OWASP top 10 and Web vulerability study, read Static analysis of PHP , Browser compatibility testing
8 10/29 No class (Hurricane Sandy) Work on your final project
9 11/5 No class (Academic Holiday)
10 11/12 More Web Read Web pentration testing, Runtime enforcement for Javascript
11 11/19 Mobile Read No-sleep bugs, Android security, Platform-enforced privacy
12 11/26 Usability Read Automatic usability evaluation, Detect low usability pages
13 12/3 Concurrency Read Hybrid race detection, Javascript race detection
14 12/10 Demo day (long lecture) Present and demo your final project