Spring 2009 -- Junfeng Yang

Basic Information

You should complete and submit your homework assignments in accordance with the course policies:

Homework Policy
Programming Policy
Collaboration Policy

Please submit your written and programming assignments following the instructions below. Deviating from these instructions will result in a loss of points!

Solutions to the homework assignments will generally be posted approximately one week after the assignment is due, to the CourseWorks shared folder, under the corresponding assignment.

The first programming assignment is to be done alone, and all the other assignments are to be done by groups of three. Group assignments will be based first on mutual student preferences and then balancing the groups. Groups will be reassigned as needed throughout the course. Reassignments will be done such that students who do not substantially contribute to their group assignments will be regrouped together.

Homework submission instructions

You should submit all your homework assignments electronically, via Courseworks -> Class Files -> Shared Files. Homework should be in ASCII text only, with the exception of any graphs you submit. Graphs should be submitted in PDF format.

File Format: You must submit a single file that is a compressed tar file containing all files that are part of your assignment.
Name Format: HWn.your UNI.tar.gz, where n is the homework assignment number.
Location: Submit to the Courseworks Shared Files folder, under the corresponding assignment.

For example, Alice Hacker with UNI alh2105 would submit "HW1.alh2105.tar.gz" to the "Homework 1 Submission" folder.

For programming assignments, please only submit code, makefiles, and documentation - DO NOT submit binaries. You can submit multiple times, but the last submission is what counts. Each submission will be time stamped. Submit early. When you submit the homework, you will not be able to see the files in that folder, but you can check your log (under class files) to check whether it was submitted successfully.


Homework 1
Homework 2
Homework 3
Homework 4
Homework 5
Homework 6