E6998-1 Reliable Software

Fall 2009 -- Junfeng Yang

# Date Topic Papers Speakers
1 9/14 Introduction First assignment: form reading groups
2 9/21 Replay debugging I Distributed system replay debugging (Liblog), Deterministic multi-processing in software (Kendo)
3 9/28 Replay debugging II Output-deterministic replay(ODR), Probabilistic replay (PRES)
4 10/5 Misc. Improving application security with Data flow assertions (Resin), Formal verification of an OS kernel (seL4)
5 10/12 Metamorphic Testing Heuristic Metamorphic Testing (Amsterdam), Unit Metamorphic Testing (Corduroy) Guest lecture by Chris Murphy
6 10/19 More debugging Delta debugging, Statistical debugging
7 10/26 Error recovery I Failure-oblivious computing, Software healing using rescue points (Assure)
8 11/2 No class (University Holiday)
9 11/9 Error recovery II Treading bugs as allergies (Rx), Patching deployed software (ClearView) Scott Schuff (ClearView), Eita Shuto (Rx)
10 11/16 Concurrency error I Concurrency error study, Lockset-based race detection (Eraser) Jong Yul Kim (error study), Harshit Sahay (Eraser)
11 11/23 Concurrency error II Race fuzzer, Hybrid race detection Nektarios Tsoutsos (Race fuzzer), Benjamin Warfield (Hybrid race detection)
12 11/30 Runtime monitoring Binary instrumentation framework (Valgrind), Program shepherding Ravindra Babu Ganapathi (Valgrind), Sasha Gusev (Program sheperding)
13 12/7 Static analysis Meta compilation, Bugs as deviant behavior Malek Ben Salem (Meta compilation), Kalyanpur Satish Baliga (deviant behavior)
14 12/14 Model checking Storage system model checking (eXplode), Automatically generating malicious disks Injung Kim (eXplode), Alex Glass (Automatically generating malicious disks)