Although search engines are really useful, the fact of the matter is that even they don't have convenient links to nice places because, well, they have too many sites. Here, I'll include a couple of non-search sites I have found immensely useful whic h you might want to try out.

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1. For the Web Designer

There are HUNDREDS of links to places where you can obtain useful information or pictures for the purpose of creating web sites. Here are a few you will particularly like if you are in the process of creating a web page. Note that some of these h ave introductory information, so if you are not too familiar with HTML publishing, but if your school provides the opportunity to do so, check some of these out to see if Web Publishing is for you.

2. For the News Person

There are a few good links to get the scoop on today's news. These include places such as Yahoo and CNN; other sites are developing news info too. I'll add them here, as well as some other categories in a few days.

3. Internet Applications & Services

Unlike the "Web Design"section, this section is primarily devoted to obtaining client applications. Some of the websites listed here, however, also contain some design applications.

4. Multi-Purpose Sites

What are Multi-Purpose sites, anyway? Simply put, these sites contain more than one kind of information -- they may include news, but may also include other features, for example. Many of these sites are the entrance for other sites and stuff.