COMS W3136 Essential Data Structures in C/C++

Fall 2014

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Note that the following schedule is tentative. It will be updated as we go.

# Date Topic Note Deadline
1 T 9/2 Course overview 00
2 R 9/4 Compiling & linking 01
Binary number; Data types 02
Expressions & statements
Automatic v. static variables; Process address space HW1
Recursion; Selection sort 03
Merge sort; HW1 code walk-through
Pointers & arrays 04
Pointers & arrays
Heap allocation; Pointer to pointer; Struct
Function pointer; Linked list I 05, HW2
Linked list II 06
Linked list II; Big-O notation
I/O 07
Introduction to C++ 08
MyString class I 09, HW3
MyString class II HW4
Binary Search Tree I 10
Binary Search Tree II 11
Templates and STL I 12
Templates and STL II 13, HW5
Graph I: data structure 14
Graph II: DFS & BFS 15
Course wrap-up & review