CS6998 (Spring 1998): Projects

TA list
Author Title Source (in ~hgs/src)
Sunil George Site management
Aleksandr Voskoboynik and Yuliya Averbukh Email notification system (ENS) ens
Jeremy Blumenfeld and Miriam Tauil Email by phone ebp
Jack Caldwell Service Location Protocol slp
Francesco Caruso Web By Phone webph
Marc Eaddy Adding Digest Access Authentication to a WebDAV server ???
Pascal Guillot and Joan Shen Web OS: POP3, IMAP, and SMTP WebOS
Philip Jung Java Web-based OS", Approach and Applications WebFTP
Yuntai Kyong MPEG RTP Generation Module mpegRTP
John J. Lin Remote Learning Telecollaborative Internet Multimedia Extension System (incomplete)
Igor Valentinovich Maslov Web integrity tool wlc
Bill Nagy SIPNoTE: Extending SIP with Notice Transport and Delivery Services
John Pelak ASF over RTSP (missing)
Dave Qi Secure Email Notification System dave_qi
Panagiotis Sebos Building A Distributed System for running simulations through Opnet
Serge Shamis AudioMail System: E-mail by Phone
Hong Shi Whiteboard with Java multicast and simplified RTP
Larry Wong Xfig Renderer jxfig
Bob Arko An Investigation of Delay Factors in World-Wide Web Performance source
Christopher Tse Web Calendar source
Shih Cheng-yi, Jiawei Fang and Jing-Chuan Dong Telepath Generic Voting System Design Report telepath
Xin Jin WebByPhone webphone j
Weibin Zhao and Ying Zhang Internet Telephony Gateway itg
Mel Lew and Johan Anderson and Thor Denmark JINCS: an internet-based collaborative whiteboard jincs
Moshe Sambol The SIP Buddy List System buddy
Thomas S. Chin Addressbook for Internet Telephony demo
Chien-Ming Yu and Constantin M. Adam Implementing the Protocol Independent Multicast (Sparse Mode) on the Opnet Simulation Platform pim
Jack S. Hsu and Jeff Stutz Email by Phone ebp_hsu
Herbert Marvin Arbis Ignacio and Ko Uchiyama Internet-to-POTS Telephony Gateway itg_sip
Laura (Xiaoyu) Zhou, Jack Huang Remote-Control Web and Conferencing Camera webcam
Dennis Shim Web Authoring Helper Tools shim_waht source

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