Course Number Semester Projects Assignments Exam
Operating Systems CS4118 Fall 1997      
Fall 1998      
Computer Networks CS4119 Spring 2001      
Network Security CS4180 Spring 1997 (CVN also: Summer 1997)      
Spring 1999 (CVN also: Summer 1999)      
Fall 2000      
Internet Systems Programming (ISP) CS4995-03 Fall 1999      
Advanced Internet Services CS 6181 Fall 1996 projects assignments exam
Spring 1998 projects assignments exam
Spring 2000 projects assignments exam
Projects   each semester      

For all Columbia University courses that I teach, a set of rules applies.

I am no longer responsible for the Operating Systems core breadth requirement.

Chronological Teaching Schedule

1996   Adv. Internet Services
1997 Network Security Operating Systems
1998 Adv. Internet Services Operating Systems
1999 Network Security Internet Systems Programming
2000 Adv. Internet Services Network Security
2001 Computer Networks Advanced Internet Services
2002 Advanced Programming sabbatical
2003 sabbatical Advanced Internet Services
2004 chair

Future teaching schedules are subject to change without notice.

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