Advanced Internet Services Projects

Below are some of the student projects completed as part of my Advanced Internet Services course in the fall of 1996. Note that out of the 36 projects submitted, only a subset is listed. This subset is being expanded as project feedback is incorporated by the students. Others are still being reworked (and are not yet ready for public release) or are not quite ready for prime time. Please contact the authors for further information.

A listing of ideas for future projects as well as guidelines for how to do project reports.

Dynamic DNS as Directory Service for Internet Telephony
Maggie M. Lee
Internet Telephony Manager
Ruigang Yang, Yuwen Tu, Caomei Long
Lydia Callaghan, Irina Farkash, Monty Kahan
Shared Whiteboard
Evelyn Lai-Tee Cheok, Chi-Hao Li (original)
Secure course registration system
Steve Liu
Quality-of-Service Measurements for the MBONE
Rui-Feng Raymond Liao, Sang Hyun Hwang, Michael E. Kounavis
Comparative study of Synchronization Recovery in a MPEG-2 VoD system using AAL5
Michael Park
Bottleneck Bandwidth Estimation
Yingwei Chen, Kavitha Parthasarathy
JavaCal: A Java-based Shared Calendar Manager
Mazahir Songerwala, Efrat Levy, Costas Xeinis, Shelley Tselepis

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