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Hey there!

My name is Hans and I am a software engineer based out of NYC. I currently work on Google’s distributed filesystem.

I previously attended Columbia University where I completed my bachelor’s in 2021 and my master’s in 2022, both in computer science on the software systems track.

You can reach me via email at hans@cs.columbia.edu.


Adjunct Instructor @ Columbia University

Spring 2024: cs4995-008 Advanced Systems Programming

  • Co-designed and successfully proposed new course offering
  • See summary and FAQ here

Spring 2023: cs4118 Operating Systems I

Google CSFirst @ Harmony School, Saltillo, MX

CSFirst is a free, online curriculum that teaches introductory CS in Scratch to elementary/middle schoolers. The curriculum is available in several languages, not just English.

In September 2023, I had the opportunity to help remotely teach two cohorts of middle schoolers at the Harmony School in Saltillo, Mexico. I guided the cohorts through introductory game design, completely in Spanish.

Teaching Assistant @ Columbia University

While I was an undergrad and master’s student at Columbia, I TA’d four classes:

I also worked on pygrader, a framework for grading coding assignments. This framework is used in cs3157, cs4118 and cs4995.

Advisor @ Codecademy

From May 2018 to December 2018, I was an online advisor for Codecademy’s Pro Intensive courses.

My main role was to give 1:1 live support to students working through introductory courses in Java, Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS. I also reviewed project submissions and mentored students participating in months-long courses about intermediate Java/Python programming, data science, and web development.


I joined Google as a software engineer in June 2022. My team is part of Google’s distributed filesystem and our objective is to enable low-latency and reliable file reads and writes.

Before graduating, I completed three internships:

  • Google: optimized eBPF programs on the linux kernel networking team. Summer 2021.
  • Google: contributed to XLS, an open-source Rust-like language that targets Verilog for FPGA programmers. Summer 2020.
  • Bloomberg L.P.: implemented reporting capabilities for a chaos engineering framework. Summer 2019.