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      (Sung to "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music)
    by Jonathan L. Gross
    Professor of Computer Science
    Columbia University
    Labeled, bipartite, complete and directed;
    transitive, rigid, and strongly connected.
    Tournamenents, trees; null and empty for laughs;
    These are a few of my favorite graphs ...
    Colors and voltages, brightly adorning,
    new special cases that greet each new morning.
    Hamilton circuits thru each vertex go,
    Minimum cut equals maximum flow ...
    Think of Polya, Kuratowski --
    Heawood, Cayley, and Euler before.
    Inspiring us now to work hard to derive
    graph theorems evermore. 

    Learning C after Java is easy though, especially with
    a little help from John:
            Imagine there's no classes,
            It isn't hard to do.
            No objects to send messages
            No references too
            Imagine all the methods
            Static and you've got C.
            O-ho you might say that that's a nightmare
            And you're not the only one
            But the language has its uses
            And like Java can be fun.
    by David Arnow (arnow@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu)

    Theoretical Blues in the key of e(psilon)
    I've got the theoretical blues in the key of e
    I don't understand how it all fits together - I can't see
    I wish I had the time and the brain to be
    Good oh so good at theory
    v 1.
    The turing machine we call cs596
    Is total - I've no doubt but cannot prove this
    I wish I could find a total recursive extension
    To my current partial state of comprehension
    v 2.
    The transitions I've made and the states that I've seen
    Span the range of emotions and theories by Kleene
    Some happy, some sad, frustated and dejected 
    I just hope when I stop that I won't be rejected
    v 3.
    NFA DFA NLBA too
    Two headed DFA that computes two times two
    Is it in the hierarchy is it regular at all
    Or is it somewhere out in space in permanent free fall
    v 4.
    Index sets recursive sets the function called 'chi'
    Sometimes it's enough to make you sit down and cry
    If you cannot figure it all out have no fear
    You know what they say, baby, same time next year...
    by Debra Thomas Burhans
       Department of Computer Science     E-mail: burhans@cs.buffalo.edu
       University at Buffalo              WWW: http://www.cs.buffalo.edu/~burhans