Predictive Analytics Rap

by Leron Gray

Hear the MP3

Get me the company that makes an impact with predictions
I'm in need of some mathematical statistics
Holidays coming up so on my early Christmas wish list
My simple wish is to have consumer shopping logistics

What will they come back for after the first time they buy?
Do they want brand name labels or do they want low price?
I need a balance of economics that will suffice
My business needs some predictive analytical advice!

I'm selling silver cellular cell phones. They're the nicest.
Should I offer a free gift when I'm selling these devices?
Do you think that'll offset what the cell phone price is?
400 dollars with a chance to enter a nice trip

To the Bahamas or maybe over to Iceland
It's worth a shot so maybe I'll just try it
Let me hack your brain like I was data mining
If you got the license then tell me what your advice is
I'll own it if I predict it
I need some analytic
To help me run my business.

Showed my past with business metrics
And now that's just irrelevant
Need some helpin' with
My business and how I can excel in it

Hurry up! A nd mail me models to show what might happen
Not male models, but models that are mathematic
It would be tragic for my business not to hack it
So tell me how I should approach this game and attack it!

Please help me direct my CRM strategy
Should I provide extra batteries for each member of the family?
I'm so Lost like that one show on ABC
I might have messed up from the beginning like Adam and Eve

I'm gonna entice you to help with this catchiest theme
Take my imaginary dream to change into a happenin' scene
Predictive Analytics, get with it, start rappin' with me
Bring your brother, your mother and everyone in your family tree

It's so plain to see the impact it's having on me
Helping to increase my business to a magnanimous degree
Combining data mining with economic timing passionately
Now you'll watch me grow up and Mary-Kate and Ashley