Play My Players

These are the best two players that my testing has produced. (In other words, the two players that performed the best against me, the world's worst Othello Player.) Neither player is all that good-- they won't make an overtly stupid move, but they didn't quite pick up Edgar's thirst for blood. However, they are mildly challenging -- if you're bad at Othello. I've also included Astro Teller's Edgar if you want a challenge. Beware--Edgar is very good (I have not been able to beat him, anyway...)
A couple of notes before starting:
  • You're playing Black.
  • To Start the game, take your first move.
  • After the game is over, you can play again by clicking the button in the lower right corner.
  • Try to get to the corners first--they will let you if you're quick.
  • Like all Java, this will take a long time to load.
    I think that covers the specifics. Happy hunting!

    Player 1 - the better of the two.
    Player 2 - a close second.
    Edgar - still the champion.

    William Bauder