Genetic Othello Player #1

Hi there! Howya doing? Guess you don't have java. Don't feel too bad, I understand. See, I'm a lynx user myself, so I get this crap all of the time. Don't worry, I won't exhort you to go visit Netscape's site and "Get Netscape NOW!", or (god forbid) that other browser made by those nasty people in Seattle. Good for you--don't give in. Fight the power! Refuse to give in, and to hog bandwidth with the bells and whistles that Madison Avenue spawned to hold our supposedly empty little minds' short attention span. Hell, if it ain't text, it ain't worth reading, right?
But you won't get to dicker around playing Othello...

Astro Teller -creator of Edgar--and all of the graphics
Eleazar Eskin -who tied up all of the lose ends for genetic players
William "Me" Bauder -the one who cut, pasted, copied, and compiled this thing