(11/20) Registration (again)

If you are blocked from the waiting list in SSOL, you may instead use this survey provided by the DSI to get on the list. The survey questions (including those about previous coursework) are for DSI-internal purposes only; the actual prerequisites are listed on the syllabus, and the previous announcement about “Homework 0” still applies.

(11/16) Registration

All students who register for this course will be placed on a waiting list. Students in Data Science Institute (DSI) academic programs will be manually added to the course after they appear on the waiting list.

This course is essentially the same as COMS 4771 (of which there are two sections in Spring 2018). Enrollment for all (non-DSI) students in either COMS 4721 or COMS 4771 will be based primarily on a “Homework 0” assignment distributed at the beginning of the semester.

The goal of Homework 0 is to review and assess prerequisites, and to introduce the homework submission process. It is required for all students (whether on the waiting list or not), and it must be submitted by the stated deadline. Late submissions are not accepted.