Installing Berkeley SIS 1.3

This document provides instructions on how to install SIS. Please see Handout #11a (Homework #1) for instructions on how to execute and use SIS. For further clarifications the "Documentation" section below gives more details on SIS.

Installing SIS 1.3 on Acis (CUNIX) machines

Installing SIS 1.3 on Linux machines

  1. Download the compiled binaries. (SIS 1.3 Linux binaries)

  2. Make a separate directory, e.g. sis1.3, and unpack the files in that directory.
     mkdir sis1.3 
     cd sis1.3
     tar xvfz sis-linux.tgz 
  3. Executables (including espresso) can be found in sis1.3/bin.

  4. Espresso example files can be found in sis1.3/espresso/ex and sis1.3/espresso/examples. You can also download example files in the Espresso examples section.

Installing SIS 1.2 on Windows machines

  1. Download the executable binaries. These programs can be executed in a "Command Prompt" window. (SIS 1.2 Windows binary, Espresso Windows binary)

  2. You also need to download the espresso examples files. Please see the Espresso examples section below.


Espresso examples


If you have a problem with using or installing SIS 1.3 and Espresso programs, please contact Ashwath Narasimhan (