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In the past several years, there has been a revival of interest in the field of distribution testing, with a flurry of results showing how to test and estimate properties with a sample complexity which is sublinear in the domain size. Indeed the number of recent works may even feel overwhelming to the casual observer, and the literature hard to navigate. The goal of this workshop is to catch the community up in recent developments, and highlight some of the most interesting frontiers in distribution testing.

Open Problems

The workshop included an Open Problems session (see the schedule below), which resulted in a list of 12 open questions and directions to tackle and explore. Nine of those have been posted to the website; the tenth was also posed at a previous workshop, in Baltimore; the last two, more open-ended, are described below.

Organizers and support

This workshop was organized by Clément Canonne and Gautam "G" Kamath, with the support of the FOCS Tutorial and Workshop chairs James R. Lee and Aleksander Mądry.