Nicolas HugPost-Doc, author of surprise
scikit-learn core developer,
scikit-learn and related projects
Thomas FanSoftware Developer
scikit-learn core developer
scikit-learn and related projects

Previous team members

Jan van RijnPost-Doc,
Automatic machine learning and OpenML

Working with me

There are three ways to work with me: for course credit, as a research asssistant, or as an internship. I will only consider applicants with substantial coursework in machine learning.

If you are interested in working with me on scikit-learn, a good way to get my attention is to actually contribute to scikit-learn by yourself. There is an extensive guide in the scikit-learn documentation. I would recommend starting with easy issues as recommended in the developers guide.

If you are not at Columbia and you don’t have a personal recommendation from someone I know, it’s unlikely I will consider you for an internship unless you contributed to scikit-learn or did research in automatic ML.