Scanning and Modeling the Cathedral of Saint Pierre, Beauvais, France

Supported by NSF Grant IIS-0121239, the Samuel Kress Foundation and the World Monument Fund

In July 2001, a team from the Media Center for Art History and Dr. Andrew Miller and Dr. Ioannis Stamos from the Columbia Robotics Lab went to Beauvais to acquire 3-D range scans and imagery of the Cathedral. The goal is to create an accurate 3-D model of the Cathedral to assist historic preservation efforts, including structural analysis of the Cathedral.

We returned to Beauvais in June 2002 to finish the modeling. Details to be posted soon. Scanning team.

New York Times Article, October 27, 2001

Some images and range scans are below.

More images and scans may be found at the CyArk web site

Video: Flyover of Modeled Cathedral Exterior and Interior(35MB, AVI format)

Exterior, Low-Res (15MB, Quicktime format)

Interior, Low-Res (15MB, Quicktime format)

Video: Structural shell of interior of Cathedral,(12MB, AVI format)

Structural Shell (15MB, Quicktime format)

Partial model created by merging multiple range scans.

Figure 1: Beauvais Cathedral images and Laser Range scans of Cathedral

Figure 2: Zoomed range scan showing detail.