• The Hmwks together count for 1/5th of the Final grade. The Two Midterms count for 1/5th of the grade each - that is 3/5ths of the final grade and the remaining 2/5th is the final.

  • Start early - homeworks are long. Every problem on the hmwk counts for 4 points irrespective of difficulty level.
  • The hmwks are due on the specified day in class. You get 5 No-penalty late days. For every late day over the 5 late days, you will lose 1/10th of the hmwk value - unless you have spoken to me before hand about late hmwks.
  • Note: We will drop one hmwk score(the least score) for final grade calculation and take into account only the remaining ones. (which means you are free to not submit a hmwk and not be penalised in any way).
  • Extra Credit:For every homework that is written in Latex, you will receive 4 points extra. Click here for a latex intro borrowed from Prof.Rocco's class.

  • There will be two Midterms and a Final. The midterms will each be for 100 points and the Final 200 points.
  • All exams are Open book, open course notes, open anything-printed-that-you-care-to-bring-along
  • Absolutely nothing electronic permitted. No calculators, no cell phones, nada. If in doubt, ask one of us.
  • Missed Exams: Unless you have talked to me beforehand about missing the exam, you will receive a zero. If you have a valid reason, the other exams will count for more. No Make-up exams will be provided.

  • All hmwk regrades to be dealt with the TAs. If you still have an issue, bring it up to me.
  • All exam regrades to be brought to me. Please submit a WRITTEN explanation about why you think you need more points on the exam and give it to me.
  • Spring 2010