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[Blair-Goldensohn, 2005]
Sasha Blair-Goldensohn. From definitions to complex topics: Columbia University at DUC 2005. In Proceedings of the 5th Document Understanding Conference (DUC2005), 2005. (PDF)

[Elhadad et al., 2005a]
Noemie Elhadad, Min-Yen Kan, Judith Klavans, and Kathleen McKeown. Customization in a unified framework for summarizing medical literature. Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 33(2):179-198, 2005. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Elhadad et al., 2005b]
Noemie Elhadad, Kathleen McKeown, David Kaufman, and Desmond Jordan. Facilitating physicians' access to information via tailored text summarization. In AMIA Annual Symposium, 2005, Washington DC, 2005. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Evans and McKeown, 2005]
David Evans and Kathleen McKeown. Identifying similarities and differences across English and Arabic news. In International Conference on Intelligence Analysis, McLean, VA, May 2005, 2005. (PDF)

[Evans et al., 2005]
David Evans, Kathleen McKeown, and Judith Klavans. Similarity-based multilingual multi-document summarization. Technical report, Columbia University, 2005. CUCS-014-05. (PDF)

[Filatova and Prager, 2005]
Elena Filatova and John Prager. Tell me what you do and I'll tell you what you are: Learning occupation-related activities for biographies. In Proceedings of HLT/EMNLP 2005, 2005. (PDF)

[Habash and Rambow, 2005a]
Nizar Habash and Owen Rambow. Arabic tokenization, part-of-speech tagging and morphological disambiguation in one fell swoop. In Proceedings of ACL 2005, Ann Arbor, Michigan., 2005.

[Habash and Rambow, 2005b]
Nizar Habash and Owen Rambow. Morphological analysis and generation for Arabic dialects. In Workshop on Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages, ACL 2005, 2005.

[Harnly et al., 2005]
Aaron Harnly, Ani Nenkova, Rebecca Passonneau, and Owen Rambow. Automation of summary evaluation by the Pyramid Method. In Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP), 2005. (PDF)

[Hirschberg et al., 2005]
Julia Hirschberg, Stefan Benus, Jason M. Brenier, Frank Enos, Sarah Friedman, Sarah Gilman, Cynthia Girand, Martin Graciarena, Andreas Kathol, Laura Michaelis, Bryan Pellom, Elizabeth Shriberg, and Andreas Stolcke. Distinguishing deceptive from non-deceptive speech. In Proceedings of Eurospeech'05, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005. (PDF)

[Jansche, 2005a]
Martin Jansche. Algorithms for minimum risk chunking. In Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing, 2005. (PDF)

[Jansche, 2005b]
Martin Jansche. Maximum expected F-measure training of logistic regression models. In Proceeding of HLT/EMNLP, 2005. (PDF)

[Jansche, 2005c]
Martin Jansche. Treebank transfer. In 9th International Workshop on Parsing Technologies, 2005. (PDF)

[Liscombe et al., 2005a]
Jackson Liscombe, Julia Hirschberg, and Jennifer J. Venditti. Detecting certainness in spoken tutorial dialogues. In Proceedings of Eurospeech'05, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005. (PDF)

[Liscombe et al., 2005b]
Jackson Liscombe, Giuseppe Riccardi, and Dilek Hakkani-Tür. Using context to improve emotion detection in spoken dialog systems. In Proceedings of Eurospeech'05, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005. (PDF)

[Maskey and Hirschberg, 2005]
Sameer Maskey and Julia Hirschberg. Comparing lexical, acoustic/prosodic, structural and discourse features for speech summarization. In Proceedings of Eurospeech'05, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005. (PDF)

[McKeown et al., 2005a]
Kathleen McKeown, Julia Hirschberg, Michel Galley, and Sameer Maskey. From text summarization to speech summarization. In Proceedings of ICASSP, Special Session on Human Language Technology Applications and Challenges for Speech Processing, 2005. (PDF)

[McKeown et al., 2005b]
Kathleen McKeown, Rebecca Passonneau, David Elson, Ani Nenkova, and Julia Hirschberg. Do summaries help? A task-based evaluation of multi-document summarization. In Proceedings of SIGIR, 2005. (PDF)

[Nenkova, 2005a]
Ani Nenkova. Automatic text summarization of newswire: Lessons learned from the document understanding conference. In Proceedings of AAAI 2005, Pittsburgh, USA, 2005. (PDF)

[Nenkova, 2005b]
Ani Nenkova. Discourse factors in multi-document summarization. In 10th Annual AAAI/SIGART Doctoral Consortium at AAAI'05, Pittsburgh, USA, 2005.

[Nenkova et al., 2005]
Ani Nenkova, Advaith Siddharthan, and Kathleen McKeown. Automatically learning cognitive status for multi-document summarization of newswire. In Proceedings of HLT/EMNLP 2005, 2005. (PDF)

[Passonneau et al., 2005]
Rebecca Passonneau, Ani Nenkova, Kathleen McKeown, and Sergey Sigelman. Applying the pyramid method in duc 2005. In Proceedings of the 2005 Workshop of the Document Understanding Conference (DUC), 2005. (PDF)

[Radev et al., 2005]
Dragomir R. Radev, Jahna Otterbacher, Adam Winkel, and Sasha Blair-Goldensohn. Newsinessence: Summarizing online news topics. Communications of the ACM, 48(2):(95-98), 2005. (PDF)

[Rosenberg and Hirschberg, 2005]
Andrew Rosenberg and Julia Hirschberg. Acoustic/prosodic and lexical correlates of charismatic speech. In Proceedings of Eurospeech'05, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005. (PDF)

[Roussinov et al., 2005]
D. Roussinov, M. Chau, E. Filatova, and J. Robles. Building on redundancy: Factoid question answering, robust retrieval and the .other. In Proceedings of TREC 2005, 2005. (PDF)

[Sarikaya et al., 2005]
Ruhi Sarikaya, Agustín Gravano, and Yuqing Gao. Rapid language model development using external resources for new spoken dialog domains. In ICASSP 2005, Philadelphia, 2005. (PDF)

[Schiffman and McKeown, 2005]
Barry Schiffman and Kathleen McKeown. Context and learning in novelty detection. In Proceedings of HLT/EMNLP 2005, 2005. (PDF)

[Siddharthan and Evans, 2005]
Advaith Siddharthan and David Evans. Columbia University at MSE2005. In 2005 Multilingual Summarization Evaluation Workshop, Ann Arbor, MI, June 29th 2005, 2005. (PDF)

[Siddharthan and McKeown, 2005]
Advaith Siddharthan and Kathleen McKeown. Improving multilingual summarization: Using redundancy in the input to correct MT errors. In Proceedings of HLT/EMNLP 2005, 2005. (PDF)

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