Steven M. Bellovin—Research Group

Doctoral Students

Amos Alubala (co-advisor: Sal Stolfo)
Security and privacy

MS Theses

Roy Rinberg (co-advisor: Rachel Cummings)
Technical definitions of privacy and its consequences for legal privacy; privacy in decentralized settings
Lior Attias
Genetic privacy

Other Researchers

Janet Zhang
Privacy-Preserving Accountability for Non-consensual Pornography

Doctoral Graduates

Bachelor's Theses

Lacey Strahm (Columbia College) (co-advisor: Roosevelt Montas), 2020:
The Constitutionality of Algorithmic Decision Systems Output in Light of the Probable Cause
Requirement of the Fourth Amendment.
A version will appear in the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal.
Last updated 21 April 2022