Steven M. Bellovin—Research Group

Master’s Theses

Shreya Kochar
Privacy, Security, and AI

Other Researchers

Diya Roongta (Ashoka University)
Comparative Study of Data Privacy Laws in the EU vs India
Lukas Arnold
Privacy, computing history and critical race studies
Aradhika Bagchi
Differential Privacy in Sensitive Datasets
Janet Zhang
Privacy-Preserving Accountability for Non-consensual Pornography

Doctoral Graduates

Master's Thesis Graduates

Roy Rinberg (co-advisor: Rachel Cummings)
Generalizing Privacy Mechanisms: Extending the Generalized Gaussian Mechanism to Private Machine Learning
Lior Attias
FlexiCrypt: A System for Homomorphically Encrypting DNA and Operating on Encrypted Data Securely in Untrusted Environments
Alexander Nicita
PRIVUS: Census Privacy System
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Li (Program in Human Rights)
Social-Psychological Aspects of Privacy and Self-Disclosure on the Hinge Dating App Profile

Bachelor's Theses

Daniel Murphy (Columbia College)

Last updated 29 September 2023