Research Group

John Koh
Easy-to-use encryption
Suphannee Sivakorn
Theofilos Petsios
Compiler-assisted Adaptive Software Testing

PhD Graduates

Sebastian Zimmeck, 2016: "Using Machine Learning to Improve Internet Privacy"
Binh Vo, 2015: "Private, Distributed, and Searchable Content Providers"
Mariana Raykova, 2012: "Secure Computation in Heterogeneous Environments: How to Bring Multiparty Computation Closer to Practice?",
(Yale University)
Hang Zhao, 2012: "Security Policy Definition and Enforcement in Distributed Systems"
Maritza Johnson, 2012: "Toward Usable Access Control for End-users: A Case Study of Facebook Privacy Settings"
Elli Androulaki, 2010: "A Privacy Preserving ECommerce Oriented Identity Management Architecture"
(IBM Research, Zurich)

Bachelors' Theses

Shivani Vikuntam (Barnard College, Columbia University), 2016: "How Should Computers Be Searched With Respect to the Fourth Amendment?"
Zoe Wood (Columbia College, Columbia University), 2016: "Synthesizing and Restructuring the Conversation Around the Use of Robots in the Education and Therapy of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders"
Updated 19 Mar 18