Tu: 6:10 PM - 8:00 PM
Room: 103 Knox Hall
IA: Daniel Schwartz

"Anonymity and Privacy" will be taught as a seminar class. Students will be expected to read and present a wide variety of papers; these will include technical papers, statutes, court opinions, and the like. Prerequisites include reasonable familiarity with networking and cryptography. Grading will be based on class presentations of these papers — the exact number will depend on the total enrollment — class discussion, and on two papers, one in lieu of the midterm and one in lieu of the final. There will be no exams.

Topics will include:

The reading list is subject to change in response to current events.

Background Reading on Cryptographic Protocols

Those who have no background in cryptographic protocols should read


Unless there is significant sentiment to the contrary, I will not use Courseworks except for the gradebook and the discussion list. All readings will be posted on this sight.


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