COMS W4118 -- Operating Systems I -- Homework Submission

All homework assignments should be submitted electronically. Please send ASCII text files; do not send Word, PDF, etc. The exception is graphs, which should be in Postscript.

To submit written homework, create a separate directory with any files you wish to submit, cd to that directory, and enter the command

Submitting the programming part is similar; you create a directory and enter
You'll receive a confirmation email. If you don't, retry and contact the TAs. You can resubmit if you want; the last one is the only one that counts. Computers and mail systems do crash and all submissions are timestamped; please take that into account.

When you enter these commands, everything in the current directory is submitted. For programming assignments, make sure that only programs, Makefiles, and documentation are there. Clean out all object files, executables, core files, etc.