Short Essay Assignment

Write a short essay on one of the topics listed here. There are two essays required this term; the two essays must be from different subject areas. A consequence of that, of course, is that one will be from outside your home area (law, policy, or computer science).

The essays must be short:

·      Two pages MAXIMUM, plus an optional bibliography page

·      12-point, either Times-Roman or (for policy essays) Courier font

·      Normal margins

Policy papers (regardless of your home school) must be formatted according to these requirements.  Here is a .docx version which you can use as a template; LaTeX users look here.

These essays are intended as advice to senior figures in the field (and thus the stylistic advice for policy papers is worthwhile for law and CS papers as well); these rarely contain footnotes or bibliographic notes. That said, since this is an academic paper, it’s important to provide proper credit for others’ ideas and words. Use end-notes on a separate page. (Note to law students: while you may use footnotes, using end-notes saves you space.)