OPERATING SYSTEMS IICOMS E6118, Dept of Computer Science, Columbia University
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GENERAL INFORMATION - http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~nieh/teaching/e6118
Meeting Times and Location: Fall 2023 R 2:10-4:00pm Mudd 337
Prerequisites: COMS W4118 Operating Systems I, proficient in C programming
Description: Study of advanced operating system topics with a focus on infrastructure technologies for enabling cloud computing, including virtual machines, containers, resource management, system software reliability and verification, and security. Course will involve readings and discussion of papers on recent developments in operating system research. A course project is required. Course will develop understanding of operating systems and distributed systems as well as project management, research methodology, and technical presentation and writing skills.

Instructor: Prof. Jason Nieh, , office hours: T2:00-4:00pm CSB 518.
TA: Xuheng Li, xuheng@cs.columbia.edu, office hours: W3:00-5:00pm CSB 488
Required Text: Operating Systems II Course Papers
Optional Text: Linux Kernel Development (3rd Edition), Robert Love, Addison-Wesley Professional, New York, NY, 2010 (available from Amazon.com).
Optional Text: Hardware and Software Support for Virtualization, Edouard Bugnion, Jason Nieh, and Dan Tsafrir, Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, February 2017. (available from Amazon.com).
Computing Requirements: You should also have your own computer to take this class, on which you will install either VMware Workstation for Windows or Linux, or VMware Fusion for macOS.
20%: Homework Assignment: There will be one homework assignment that involves a programming project assigned to everyone in the class. The project will involve Linux kernel programming.
60%: Final Project: The project is an opportunity for you to take an active part in exploring the subject area, as appropriate for an advanced course. Projects are to be done in teams of your own choosing.
20%: Course Participation: The course is discussion-based and students are expected to read materials in advanced and be prepared to participate in discussions during live class; recordings will not be offered. We will discuss research papers and students will be asked to lead some of those discussions.
0%: No midterm, final, or "extra credit" work

We would like the course to run smoothly and enjoyably. Feel free to let us know what you find just, good, and interesting about the course. Let us know sooner about the reverse. See us, leave us a note, or send us email.