Shivam Nadimpalli


I am a third-year PhD student in the theory group at Columbia, where I am extremely fortunate to be advised by Rocco Servedio and Mihalis Yannakakis. Previously, I received an ScB in Math-CS from Brown.

I currently help organize the theory group's weekly seminar and co-organize our student seminar. I also really like bagels.


  1. Convex Influences, with Anindya De and Rocco Servedio.
    [arXiv] [slides, video] ITCS 2022.
  2. Approximating Sumset Size, with Anindya De and Rocco Servedio.
    [arXiv] [slides] SODA 2022.
  3. Quantitative Correlation Inequalities via Semigroup Interpolation, with Anindya De and Rocco Servedio.
    [arXiv, journal] [slides, video] ITCS 2021, Probability Theory and Related Fields 2022.


I have served as a TA for the following classes at Columbia:

I have also taught Fun with Mathematical Inequalities as a part of the Science Honors Program, and am involved with the Undergraduate TCS Learning Seminar at Columbia.