Projects Available for Academic Credits

I'm seeking graduate and undergraduate students in computer science or related fields to participate in projects for academic credit. If the first project works out well, students may be funded for subsequent projects. Research activities include software design and implementation, application projects, and open-source software study. Research outcome may result in papers published at top International conferences and students will be funded to attend the conferences. Commitment of 9 to 12 hours per week is required.

Most projects require a computer science account. Students can apply for CS accounts on line. The fees for the CS account will be paid for by Prof Junfeng Yang.

We offer two types of projects: research projects and programming projects. The goal of a research project is to answer an open research question, thus it typically requires strong technical background and independent problem solving skills. Students working on research projects will typically be assigned PhD mentors to guide their progress in the project.

The goal of a programming project is to implement a piece of software. It is typically well defined, similar to one of the big programming assignments you do in your advance programing class. These projects are recommended for undergraduates who are good hackers but have not taken the advanced classes (e.g., OS or PLT) yet.

Research Projects
Programming Projects