Reliable Software: Junfeng Yang

E6121 Reliable Software

Spring 2019 -- Junfeng Yang

We put a tentative syllabus here to give you an idea what future may bring. This syllabus is subject to change as the course progresses.

# Day Date Topic Assignment Speakers
1 Mon Jan 28 Introduction Form reading group
2 Mon Feb 4 Program instrumentation Read Detours, Pin, skim LD_PRELOAD trick
3 Mon Feb 11 Dynamic analysis Read Valgrind memory checker, Baggy bounds checking
4 Mon Feb 18 Static and symbolic analysis Read Meta Compilation, EXE, skim Coverity, LLVM tutorial and LLVM
5 Mon Feb 25 Model checking Read Chess, DPOR Guest: Xinhao Yuan
6 Mon Mar 4 Debugging, recovery Read Delta Debugging, Rx
7 Mon Mar 11 Concurrency Read Hybrid race detection, Parrot
8 Mon Mar 18 No class (Spring recess)
9 Mon Mar 25 Verification Read Verdi, IronFleet Guest: Xinhao Yuan
10 Mon Apr 1 Distributed systems Read Magpie, Modist
11 Mon Apr 8 Fuzz testing Read Vuzzer, NEUZZ Guest: Dongdong She
12 Mon Apr 15 Mobile Read AppInsight, AppDoctor
13 Mon Apr 22 Machine learning Read Adversarial ML, Unlearning
14 Mon Apr 29 ROP attacks and defenses Read JIT ROP, Shuffler Guest: David Williams-King
15 Mon May 6 Mini-research conference Present and demo your final project