RTSP Implementations

Below is a list of implementations in progress or completed:
Organization name type (client, server) operating system session description source? trick modes (ff, rewind, speed) remarks
Apple Darwin QuickTime Streaming Server server MacOS; Linux: PRISS: Portable RT[S]P Streaming Server SDP C, available no open source, full RTP/RTSP server
Apple QuickTime 4 client Apple MacOS, Windows SDP no no QuickTime 4 also supports importing SDP files that describe multicasts, with standard decoders H263, H261, JPEG, u-law, a-law, raw audio (8 and 16 bit), DVI, LPC, GSM, QCELP.
Cern Wrtp
Columbia University rtspd server NT, Solaris SDP C, available no no container files
eInfochips RTP/RTSP stack client, server Windows, Linux SDP licensed Video codecs: H.264, MPEG4 Video, MJPEG; Audio codecs: AAC, MP3; Speech codecs: G.711 A-Law, G.711 U-Law, G.726; Container: MPEG2-TS
IBM RTSP Toolkit
KOM TU-Damstadt KOM-Player player Linux 2.2, AIX 4.3.3 SDP C++, available   MPEG-1 System; includes alternative RTSP server for IBM's VideoCharger
nCUBE Corporation rtspsrv server Transit SDP no FF, RW, speed Delivers MPEG-2 video over ATM, QAM, or DVB-ASI; no RTP delivery.
Live555.com openRTSP client Linux/x86, FreeBSD, Solaris/SPARC, and Windows SDP yes "openRTSP" is a command-line program that can be used to open, stream, receive, and (optionally) record media streams that are specified by a RTSP URL.
Oracle Corporation Oracle Video Server client, server server: WinNT, Solaris, IRIX, TruUnix, Transit; client: Win95/98/NT/2000, Solaris, Linux, IRIX, TruUnix, Transit, VxWorks, OS-9 SDP client C code available by license FF/RW/speed MPEG-1 Systems, MPEG-2 Transport, AVI codecs. ATM, QAM, IP, DVB-ASI. No RTP delivery.
Politecnico de Torino Open Media Streaming Project (OMS) Multimedia streaming server (Fenice) and client (NeMeSI) Linux SDP yes streams MP3 and MPEG 2 video; live and stored
Real Networks Real Networks proxy kit (firewall)
Real Networks Real Networks server Windows, FreeBSD, Linux SDP, RTSL C, available 5 streams
Real Networks RealServer G2 server G2 Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, ... SDP, SMIL no no supports RTP for RTP-based clients
Real Networks "Hosting" server server SCO; Windows'95, NT 4.0 server; Linux 2.0/3.0; FreeBSD 2.2/3.0; Solaris 2.5.1/2.6; Irix 2.6; HP/UX 11.0; Digital Unix 4.0       Streams au and wav files over RTP when configured for scalable multicast.
Sun JMF 2.1 client Solaris, Windows, MacOS        
Sun Sun Streaming Server server Solaris, Solarix x86   no    
Verimatrix ViewRight PC Player client Windows XP/Vista SDP no FF/RW/speed/seek "We officially support the following RTSP Servers: Sun Microsystems StreamStar, Streaming 21 VOD Server, SeaChange VOD Server, Elecard VOD server (SigmaVOD), Kasenna MediaBase VOD Server. We support MPEG2, MPEG4 Part 2 and 10 both over MPEG2-TS. We also support MPEG2-TS over RTP delivery, but are still working on the jitter calculations and other fields. For now, we return a generic RTCP packet periodically."
VideoLAN (VLC) VideoLAN client Linux, MacOS, Windows SDP yes   decoded large number of audio and video codecs
Vovida RTSP stack, server Linux   open source   RECORD and PLAY

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