Title of Your Paper

Jane FirstAuthor
Podunk University
Podunk, NY 12345

Hans ZweiterAutor
Technical University of Bruhl
50321 Bruehl


Summarize what you have done. Abstracts should contain neither references nor equations. The total report should be no more than about 10 pages printed.


Provide a brief introduction to what you have done and lay out the organization of the remainder of the report, with hyperlinks to each section.

Citations should be of the form:

In earlier work [1], we showed that HTML is a Turing machine.

Each paragraph should start with

and paragraphs should be separated by a blank line. For easier editing and source viewing, lines should be folded to 72 characters.

You may use all of the HTML 3.2 or HTML 4.0 elements, including tables. Avoid frames and aninmated GIF lines for the report. Do not use Microsoft Word to generate HTML, as the output is only viewable on Microsoft browsers. If you need to use an HTML editor, consider Netscape or Frontpage.

For ease of printing, the report should be a single HTML file, with all images in the same directory.

Related Work

Who else has been doing something similar and how your effort is different.


Provide background on the subject and components. The title of this section is likely to differ from project to project and you may have several of these sections.


If applicable to your project, give an overview of the architecture of the software, i.e., which modules do what. Justify the overall architecture and briefly discuss alternatives, if you have considered (and discarded) them. From your description, a reader should be able to understand what the various components do and which one would need to be modified to extend the software's functionality. Also indicate the rough complexity (in lines of code) and language used.

Program Documentation

This is a link to another stand-alone set of HTML files that describe:

Note: Do not use JPEG for screen dumps, as they will make the writing illegible. Use GIF or PNG.

This part is meant to be part of the program documentation, while parts of this document might become a technical report or a conference paper.


Where applicable, this describes any measurements or tests conducted.

Task List

This describes who did what and what was copied from somewhere else.


Jane FirstAuthor, Yet Another Book on HTML, Podunk University Press, Podunk, NY, 1976.
International Telecommunications Union, G.764: General Aspects of Digital Transmission Systems; Terminal Equipment: Voice Packetization, Geneva, 1996.

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