About Me


I am a third-year PhD student at Columbia University working under the direction of Simha Sethumadhavan. My research interests include computer architecture, hardware security, and FPGAs.

Email: <my last name>


PhD, Computer Science 2018 – present (in progress)
Columbia University

MS, Electrical & Computer Engineering 2016 – 2018
Brigham Young University

BS, Computer Engineering 2012 – 2016
Brigham Young University

Things I've Written

A New Doctrine for Hardware Security in ASHES 2020

Are Computer Architects to Blame for the State of Security Today? 2019

Checkpointing at System Calls using BDI Compression Technical report, 2019

Assuring Intellectual Property Through Physical and Functional Comparisons Master's thesis, 2018

Using Physical and Functional Comparisons to Assure 3rd-Party IP for Modern FPGAs in IVSW 2018

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