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  • (11/9) There were some typos in the statement of Wedin’s theorem in HW3. Should be fixed now. Thanks to Da for pointing them out.

  • (11/3) HW3 is posted.

  • (10/12) If I gave you a “0” grade for your project proposal, it just means I would like you to look at the comments and resubmit by end of the week. I will look at it again then and re-evaluate.

  • (10/12) HW2 is posted.

  • (9/21) There were some typos in Problem 3 of HW1 (some missing \(\lambda^2\) here and there). Should be fixed now. Thanks to Lampros for pointing it out.

  • (9/15) HW1 is posted.

  • (9/7) If you are not yet enrolled in the class by the deadline for HW0, but wish to submit it, you may e-mail your write-up as an attachment to coms4772 at gmail dot com. You must write “COMS4772” in the subject of the e-mail.

  • (9/7) Welcome! See information about enrollment.