COMS 4771 Section 2 Fall-B 2020 “On Campus” students

This note pertains only to students who are designated as “On Campus”.

Our lecture room, 501 Northwest Corner Building, has a reduced capacity due to COVID19. I have created a schedule in which each of you will be able to attend three lectures in-person while staying within the room capacity.

To find the lectures you’ve been assigned to, compute the md5 hash of your UNI. For example, the md5 hash of aaa1111 is b442f0c3119308bed4451d04b017bdf7. Then find it in three of the lists at

To compute the md5 hash, you can use Python

import hashlib

or an online service like

Of course, you are welcome to join the lecture online via Zoom. I will not be formally checking attendance at all.