CS Account and System Migration

We are moving all accounts and machines from the CS network to the new and more secure system. Currently we are running two parallel systems:

Old system: Redhat/Solaris8/NIS
New system: Ubuntu/Solaris10/LDAP

Once your account is moved to the new system, you cannot access the machines that are still in the old system and have not been moved. If you need to access to your research machines, please coordinate with your group to make sure that your account is moved at the same time with your research machines.

Student Accounts (Undergraduate and Master)

Accounts for undergraduate and master students have been moved to the new system. Please call Daisy at x7140 to get your new password. With the new password, you can log into the clic machines.

Administrative Staff

You do not need to worry about this. We will take care of your migration.

Faculty and PhDs

Please email questions to crf@cs.columbia.edu