Chin Ho Lee

Email: c.h.lee (at) columbia edu

I am a postdoc at the Computer Science Department of Columbia University, hosted by Rocco Servedio.

I do research in theoretical computer science. My main research interest is to understand the role of randomness in computation. Specifically, I am interested in pseudorandomness, and its applications to other areas such as the analysis of Boolean functions, coding theory and foundations of cryptography. I also like to work on statistical reconstruction problems such as trace reconstruction.

I completed my PhD at the Khoury College of Computer Sciences of Northeastern University, advised by Emanuele Viola. I did my Master's in Computer Science and Engineering (advised by Andrej Bogdanov) and Bachelor's in Mathematics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. During my PhD, I visited Amnon Ta-Shma at Tel Aviv University in Summer and Fall of 2018. I was also a visiting graduate student at the Simons Institute in UC Berkeley in 2015 Fall, and Harvard University during the year of 2014-2015.

My research is generously supported by the Croucher Foundation.



Teaching Experience (as a TA)