Brian A. Smith E-mail: Office: 611 Schapiro CEPSR (map) Office Phone: +1-212-853-8455 Mailing Address: 500 West 120 St, Room 450 Mail Code 0401 New York, NY 10027 Curriculum Vitae: PDFBrian Smith CV Oct 2021

Hi, I'm Brian!

I am an Assistant Professor at Columbia University's Dept. of Computer Science, where I direct the Computer-Enabled Abilities Laboratory (CEAL). My students and I develop computers that help people perceive and interact with the world around them. Our research is interdisciplinary and incorporates accessibility, games, AR, AI, sensing, and vision.

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I also enjoy working with industry to turn research into directed action. I was a research scientist at Snap Research 👻 (Snapchat), where I created new ways of connecting with friends using augmented reality (AR) and wearable devices such as camera glasses and smartglasses.

I worked closely with the Spectacles team to explore new use cases and interaction paradigms that socially focused smartglasses can unlock, translating our findings into action items for the company. Friendscope and ARcall were two such projects.